MOORLACH UPDATE — Updates — March 23, 2011

Do you need an update on Monday or Tuesday’s UPDATE? 

For Monday’s UPDATE story in the Newport Beach Patch, former Newport Beach Councilman Thomas Edwards provided the following correction:

As reported in the otherwise good story:

"..the maximum number of commercial flights to increase from 73 to 85 per day…"

 The 85 flights per day, actually 89 when including the cargo carriers, deals only with Class A aircraft and not Class E aircraft.  Class E aircraft are only limited by the current 10.8 MAP.  Accordingly, depending upon the demand at the airport, a normal day should see between 130-150 commercial departures per day.

The updated story can be seen at  (I will also forward this UPDATE to my JWA e-mail list.)

Tuesday’s UPDATE was quoted in the Los Alamitos-Seal Beach Patch article below, which is always cool.  I was not notified until this morning that Paige Austin called me yesterday afternoon; our apologies to Paige.  The OC Register also has a similar story on its website at (I don’t provide website stories for actual “dead tree” publications—only for paperless ones).


Los Alamitos Asks Rossmoor to Halt Its Community Survey

The Mayor of Los Alamitos sent a letter to Rossmoor officials asking the community to scrap its ongoing poll in favor of a new one that asks residents from Rossmoor and Los Alamitos how they see a future together.

Los Alamitos Mayor Kenneth Stephens sent a letter today to the Rossmoor Community Services District asking the agency to halt its telephone survey aimed at finding out if its residents want Rossmoor to have control over police and animal control services.

In the letter on behalf of the Los Alamitos City Council, Stephens offered up to $10,300 to conduct a joint polling effort with Rossmoor to ascertain what residents in both communities want as county officials pressure Rossmoor and Los Alamitos to merge.

“It is our goal to assist in the development of a statistically valid, balanced, and scientifically defensible poll that includes the resident of Los Alamitos and Rossmoor,” wrote Stephens. “Toward that end, the City of Los Alamitos will provide up to half of the funding of the poll, up to an amount equal to the $10,300 donated to the RCSD by the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs.”

The offer underscores the Los Alamitos City Council’s distrust of the poll already under way in Rossmoor. At Monday’s City Council meeting, Councilman Troy Edgar suggested that a poll funded by the sheriff’s union would have a predetermined outcome in favor of Rossmoor taking over policing powers from the county and contracting with the sheriff’s department instead of the Los Alamitos Police Department.

It was an accusation that offended Rossmoor officials, who noted that they opted to hire an independent pollster instead of the union’s pollster in order to protect the integrity of the poll. The telephone survey of 400 randomly chosen Rossmoor residents began Tuesday and is expected to be done by Friday.

In his newsletter today, Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach echoed the Los Alamitos council’s distrust of the poll.

“Perceptions are funny animals. I would think that if the deputy sheriff’s union is subsidizing a survey, that it would be inherently biased, regardless of who is conducting the survey,” Moorlach wrote. “I would think that the survey would be a little more balanced if it was directed to both the residents of Rossmoor and Los Alamitos.  We can only wait to see what next week brings and how the survey results are perceived.”

In his letter to Rossmoor, Stephens ended on an earnest note.

“We believe this poll represents a unique opportunity to accurately gauge the sentiments of both of our communities regarding several very important and longstanding issues. There is a good deal of research and analyses to be completed in order to educate both communities and to provide a basis for legitimate results from an informed community,” wrote Stephens. “To date, this polling effort represents the most valid method available in measuring the legitimate sentiments of both Los Alamitos and Rossmoor. Our offer is sincere, and we look forward to working with you, the RCSD Board and the consultant in developing a worthwhile polling tool that will serve our communities well—now and in the future.”

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