MOORLACH UPDATE — OC180News — April 13, 2011

In an informal, free-flowing interview yesterday with OC180News, I tried to explain the concept of territorial psychology.  Humans are very possessive.  I get that.  Change is very difficult when it comes to ownership issues, especially land.  Heck, wars have been fought over real estate.  On the other hand, corporate mergers have brought about much better business entities after combining forces.  Consolidation, resizing, and streamlining departments and services is a proper course of action.  If an elected official can work himself out of a job and improve services to the taxpayers, that’s a much better story to tell than, “I held on to what was ours.”  If the cost per capita is much higher by maintaining the status quo, that’s not much of a legacy to brag about.  That’s food for thought at your next social event.


Tomorrow’s headline will be that this afternoon the California Supreme Court denied the County’s petition for review on the unconstitutionality of granting retroactive pension benefits.  It’s a real shame.

Merging Seal Beach, Rossmoor, And Los Alamitos – Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach And The Super City Idea

Dolores Barr, Editor and Publisher,

Monday night the Seal Beach City Council voted unanimously to send off a letter flatly rejecting the idea of combining Seal beach, Rossmoor, and Los Alamitos into a so called super city. Without the city councils of both cities approval, the concept doesn’t have much of a chance.

Nevertheless, Orange County District 2 Supervisor and Local Agency Formation Commission, LAFCO, Chairman John Moorlach continues to push the concept.

At the Seal Beach City Council meeting, Councilwoman Ellery Deaton brought forward the idea of writing the letter.

Supervisor Moorlach is calling once again for the supercity, it would be my recommendation to our council that we write a letter to the Board of Supervisors letting them know that we are not interested in the super city,” Deaton said at the city council meeting. “The problem that they have is they have an unincorporated area and they are trying to move their problem into our court. I think we should take a firm stand and write a letter to all of the Board of Supervisors and say thank you, but no thank you.”

Moorlach is well aware of the political resistance to his idea of combining Seal Beach, Rossmoor, and Los Alamitos.

“The biggest hurdle is something called territorial psychology. It’s very difficult for elected officials – to say, wait a second, if we merge, what happens to my council seat?” Moorlach yesterday told OC180NEWS. “There are some that are territorial and they say, wait a second, we like small Seal Beach, we like Rossmoor, we like being independent, we like Los Al – I get that, that’s the natural.”

But, Moorlach is hoping if he can demonstrate the efficiencies possible from a merger of Los Alamitos, Rossmoor, and Seal Beach, some might be tempted to support his idea.

“It requires persuasion. And it requires some very hard data, which we haven’t concluded obtaining yet – we’re still in process – but once you have hard data, then you sit down and say what’s really best for the taxpayers,” he told us. “You eliminate two city halls, you eliminate three boards, and you create so much more efficiencies.”

Moorlach told OC180NEWS LAFCO has a consultant working the numbers and he expects to see the data in a matter of weeks.

“Maybe the data tells me it just doesn’t make sense, and just drop it, but at least you have something objective to make decisions from,” he told OC180NEWS. “You already have a school district that has the same boundary, you already have a sanitation district that does, so we are already there for a couple of the big municipal services. People in that area, already shop and dine and do all their stuff in that boundary. So, a lot of them that I talk to, they get it and they like it.”


April 13


There was a special election on Aril 11th between California Assemblyman Tom Harman and Dana Point Councilmember Diane Harkey for the 35th District State Senator position left vacant by State Senator John Campbell, who was elected to replace Chris Cox as Congressman.  At the conclusion of the Daily Pilot’s “The Political Landscape” Thursday column by Alicia Robinson, under the subheading “This is What They Handed Me,” was the following:

Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor may be registered as a Republican, but when it comes to his drink preference, he’s a decline-to-state.

He was spotted at state Senate candidate Diane Harkey’s election night shindig with a glass in hand, but when asked what he was drinking, he was coy.

"I just asked for something, and this is what they handed me," Mansoor said.

Harkey’s party, at Tentation Ultra Lounge in Newport Beach, featured exotic fruits, cheeses, skewered chicken bites and cocktails in a nightclub with mostly white decor. Guests mingled with big names from the Orange County GOP such as Rep. John Campbell, Orange County Treasurer John Moorlach, and Newport Beach Assemblyman Chuck DeVore.

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